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2010-04-22 02:23:18 by magicswordz
more art there

Warhammer Fantasy Collab

2010-02-15 02:18:26 by magicswordz

I'm being productive! 40599

Warhammer Fantasy Collab

Bah~ still not scouted again

2009-11-09 03:07:10 by magicswordz

Oh boy
been over a month now and i still am waiting to be scouted for the 3rd time now

I want to at least be scouted before i submit my next art work which will (hopefully) be really good

So below is your preview for it

Now can someone bloody scout me again?

Bah~ still not scouted again

unscoutted again

2009-10-08 16:24:47 by magicswordz

this has gotten rather annoying now
How many times must i be on and off of this scouting?

Its like~ whats the point of even submitting art here

Ho humm....

2009-10-03 12:40:34 by magicswordz

I need to draw more...

I wish I wasn't so behind on work already

If only I could stop time~

Anddd scouted again

2009-09-10 17:04:39 by magicswordz

I got scouted again

Lets just hope that everyone doesn't get unscouted... again...

The Scouting is a Lie

2009-09-08 17:30:56 by magicswordz


So I FINALLY got scouted and do you know what happens?
Within 24 hours, that retarded DD squad hacks NG and unscouts everyone...

Well that is old news

NOW; i'm just stuck here waiting to get scouted again, and it took bloody forever to get scouted the first time.

This really sucks... Its almost like, why even bother submitting my art here when it will never even getting past inspection; while crap artist (and you know who you are) have their shitty doodles approved

And Now in the Art portal

2009-09-05 15:44:18 by magicswordz


Thanks to one of my bestest friends, known online as Sabstastic, I finally got scouted :D

I guess actually have to draw more GOOD Stuff now :3

I only will be posting my better stuff on newgrounds
but there are plenty of other silly things back on my dA site


2009-09-04 12:33:54 by magicswordz


Is there something i was suppose to do to get scouted?


2009-08-03 01:18:59 by magicswordz

still waiting to be scouted...